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Life sometimes sucks ass. It’s hard out here. Because of that – we feel like all the more reason to make the most of the good moments you do have. All the more reason to make art and to romanticize your life
We make the music that people make both meaningful and meaningless memories to. The music that you party to, fall in love to, and do dumb shit to
It’s both deep and not that deep at all. It means everything and nothing. It’s eternal and expiring soon
Just like all of us
– Alex & Dale

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The never-Grammy award-winning, Billboard-bottoming artist/producer duo, The Dead Presidents, is an up-and-coming Alt-Pop / Electronic music group. The duo, comprised of Alex Nerney and Dale McManus, started making music in 2020 during the pandemic as a form of expression. After ‘downloading Ableton the next day,’ they found themselves in tears laughing at making one of the worst beats anyone has ever heard. But they also stumbled upon something else – excitement

Music was fun as hell to make and it brought joy into their lives. Making music quickly went from an experiment of expression to an obsessive passion. As creative entrepreneurs, they decided to automate their businesses and focus their time and efforts on making music instead of making more money. This will be either their greatest triumph or funniest fail. For their mother’s sakes, let’s hope it’s not the latter… (*except for dale’s – she’s dead)




Management / Bookings:

Brian Nelson: Mgmt@deadpresidentsmusic.com

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