We’re Alex and Dale

Two best friends residing out of hot-as-tits Austin, Texas making music together as The Dead Presidents

how did yall get started?

A random bucket list challenge back in 2020… we both had “make an EDM song” written down and thought – how hard can it be? We then proceeded to make one of the worst beats anyone has ever heard, but were laughing our asses off while doing it. Turns out, making good music isn’t easy, but it was fun as hell to do


At the time in our lives, we really needed to something that challenged us creatively. Something that excited us. We’d come home from work every night and make shitty music in our apartment eating sour patch kids. Most of it sucked, but we just couldn’t stop. We did realize it at the time, but we had found our calling

how did yall meet?

Alex was dating Dale’s sister when we met for the first time in Dallas, TX. While they are not longer together, everything is cool 

what did you do before making music?

Before making music, we actually made a few successful creative businesses you’ve probably never heard of… CREATE A PRO WEBSITE (300k YouTube Subs) / THE HEALTH NERD (450k YouTube Subs) / WANDR (Travel Videos)

why "The dead Presidents?"

  1. Because we’re all going to die and nobody gets out alive. Might as well do something crazy while we’re here
  2. Money. we learned early on it was not what brought us happiness so we decided to stop chasing it
  3. We liked it and thought it was cool? it’s not that deep

why the ripped suits?

They represent coming off of the night of your life. Like the lead character ending an insane evening like Bradley Cooper in The Hangover. we like to make life a movie and romanticize it a bit. helps to chase away the scary demons in our heads… We also never had jobs we had to dress up for so thought it would be fun to dress up for this one

are yall a band or djs?

A little bit of both. Alex sings and Dale play a bit of guitar, but we like to merge a DJ performance and band show together. maybe one day we’ll be a full band, but we are better with computers than we are with instruments at the moment